Saturday, July 28, 2012

8/9 Wt Graphite Custom Fly Rod

While I have no intentions of selling my rods, I hope to use this blog as a portfolio as I work to gain a proficiency at rod building that might one day generate the demand for a few builds.  I've been fly fishing for ~18 years now and have been a long-time fanatic about the sport.  After purchasing a few custom rods, doing a little homework, and getting some inspiration from a few acquaintances along the way, I've decided to try my hand at building.

This is my first fly rod build and it was designed for light inshore work with floating or intermediate line.  I would call the action on this 8/9 weight blank medium to medium/fast.  Components include H&H stripping guides, bright chrome snake guides, black silk wraps with silver tipping, knurled aluminum winding check, full wells super grade cork with burl accents, anodized aluminum IFLY window seat, and 2" fighting butt.  The blank and wraps are finished with spar varnish.

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